A Commentary on Domestic Violence

Dear Readers,

Even though my blog is very early in my life’s journey, as the years passed and presently where I am in life (now in my 60’s), the tremendous sorrow and heartache of remaining in such a volatile and abusive marriage all those years has taken a toll on me emotionally.

I have maintained a close walk and strong faith in the Lord, but it has never diminished the heartbreak over the domestic violence and eventual estrangement of my children. I attended a faith based domestic violence workshop last week-end in Chicago. I learned then that it isn’t unusual for abusers to not only control their spouses, but also their children.

This has certainly been the situation for me. Additionally, my ex of 44 years has a very affluent career which will leave each of my two children and their families  wealthy when he passes. I was left with very little following the divorce, so all I can offer is my love, dedication and support.

For children whom are seeking financial security as they age, they feel it is the better choice to join their father’s camp, than to remain with me. Even though it doesn’t lessen the sadness, I have a better understanding of abusers like my ex, after attending the workshop. They control and manipulate any/all persons they can until the day they die. It is their nature; their personality.  As we learned during the workshop last week “ABUSE HAS NO PLACE IN LOVE.”

Thank you readers for following me on my journey.


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