Dear Readers

Thank you for your patience with my return. Life can certainly present obstacles, which preclude us from fulfilling our goals and desires. Hopefully, for now, I will be able to resume my routine blogs on my life’s odyssey.

As a refresher from the previous blog, Jalene was now expecting their 3rd baby in less than 2 years. When their daughter was only a few months old, Jalene lost a second baby in a miscarriage.

Whereas, their small cozy apartment was comfortable for a family of 3, Chuck and Jalene comprehended it would not suffice for a family of 4. They had recently purchased an older home in ill repair in the northern OK community of Enid, where Chuck had accepted his first career position following his military commitment.

We will now proceed with the next chapter of Jalene’s life. Because Jalene’s previous two pregnancies had been atypical, she chose to maintain her relationship with Dr. Perry whom had delivered Marie. This involved a commute to Oklahoma City from Enid for each of her appointments.  The Dr. requested Jalene be closer to the hospital during her last few weeks of pregnancy. He reiterated to Jalene that should there be a problem the 100 mile commute to the hospital would offer a challenge for a safe and healthy delivery.

Jalene dreaded staying with the Wood’s while awaiting the arrival of their new blessing.  She realized there were no other options, as Chuck was required to remain in Enid for his job. Jalene also knew Jayne and Glenn had no desire for her and Marie to stay with them. Ben became the father she never had, but with each passing year, Lorraine despised Jalene more than when she initially met her.

Relatives and friends of Lorraine’s rationalized her disdain of Jalene was because she took Lorraine’s beloved “Chuck” from her. As years passed, Jalene understood that Lorraine had always viewed Chuck as a substitute husband for his Dad. Ben and Lorraine had an extremely dysfunctional marriage, but Chuck was always there for all of Lorraine’s requests and demands. Chuck never divulged this information until years later as his own marriage was crumbling.

As Jalene completed her first week of staying with the Wood’s, while awaiting the birth of baby Wood, she began having stomach cramps. Unlike the labor pains with Marie, she felt it was nothing significant. However, because Chuck had come to visit over the week-end, he insisted she telephone Dr. Perry before returning home to Enid, to be certain the cramps were not a medical concern. Jalene was somewhat dubious of her doctor’s orders to go immediately to the hospital. She did not believe she was in labor, so was perplexed that Dr. Perry was concerned.

Upon her arrival to the hospital and the examination, she and Chuck were informed they would be parents to their new baby before the night was over. Jalene’s labor increased more rapidly than with Marie. At 11:59, January 13, 1974 Christian Wood completed their family of 4.  As with Marie, Chuck and Jalene were unaware of the gender of their precious baby until he or she entered the world. They were thrilled to hear, it’s a boy. Jalene now had her prayers answered; a daughter and a son. Would this change Chuck’s cold and aloof attitude toward her? She knew most men desired a son to not only bond with, but also to carry on the legacy of the family.

She remained as hopeful as she did when their daughter was born that Chuck would feel as blessed as she did. They were now parents to a toddler and new infant. Jalene was thrilled, but she also knew that if only Chuck loved her, the family she now had would bring an “almost” perfection to her life.

As Jalene had done less than two years prior with Marie, she held Christian on her lap for the 100 mile voyage to their home in Enid. Jalene believed Christian was as handsome as Marie had been beautiful. She was blessed! Her family was complete. Now what could she do so that her husband would love her?

Please continue Jalene’s journey as a wife and mother. If you are new to the blog, you may desire to begin the journey from Jalene’s early life. Jalene began this timeline in April 2016 from her childhood through today Thank you for following. May you be blessed as you share Jalene’s challenges of life.

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