Daily Chuck went on job interviews for his perfect career job. Eagerly, I awaited Chuck’s return from the interviews so we could resume our search for a new home. Fortunately, we located an apartment only days after our return to OK. It was an older, but charming two bed room apartment, having a room for our new addition, now only days from arrival.  We signed a year’s lease as we believed we would be residing in Oklahoma City close to Chuck’s parents. Because Chuck had always had a close relationship with his parents and especially his mother, I believed he was unwilling to look for a job outside the Oklahoma City area.

I had no ties to Oklahoma since I had been born in OH and still called the buckeye state home. However, my current primary focus was on delivering a healthy baby. Even though I preferred residing in another city, Chuck and I could establish our own lives as a new family, I realized we would probably remain in Oklahoma City.

I was in astonishment when Chuck announced he had located a potential job, but it was 100 miles from Oklahoma City. The company was interested in personally interviewing him and also invited me to accompany Chuck on the drive to the interview. While Chuck was interviewed, I sat in the reception area of the oil company, pondering what our future might be.

Our first three years of marriage had not been as I had hoped and dreamed. Our conflicts and arguments were frequent. Also, Chuck’s actions of being cold and distant toward me had remained constant.  Nonetheless, I was reminded often of our pastor’s words, “I had taken a vow before the Lord to be Chuck’s wife and I must remain.” Now I was going to be the mother of his child, so I desired only that our marriage could be a blessed and happy one.

If Chuck were offered this job, would Chuck become more content with his life?  As a result, would he treat me with the love and respect I desired as his wife? My thoughts were abruptly interrupted when Chuck returned to my side. As we walked to the car, Chuck informed me he had been offered the job.

When the company realized our baby was due in less than 2 weeks, they agreed Chuck could move to Enid as soon as the baby was born. For Chuck and I could this be the beginning of a new life for us? It certainly appeared to be a new chapter in our life’s story.

Chuck and I had never owned furniture for the first three years of our marriage. We had resided in furnished apartments. Now that Chuck had been offered a job, we realized we could purchase a few basic necessities to establish our new home.  Meager purchases of a sofa, one chair, an occasional table, a bedroom dresser and a kitchen dinette set seemed like the beginning of a dream for us. Chuck’s parents had given him his childhood bed, which was one less item we were required to purchase. Though diminutive in quantity, our furniture was an abundant blessing.

While living on the base in Georgia, we had purchased a baby crib at the commissary. Due to limited finances, we were unable to purchase some of the other baby accessories. However, because it was 1972 there were far less baby furnishings and accessories than today’s babies are provided. I realized after being reared on government commodities that it didn’t take a lot to make an apartment “a home.” I was eager to begin housekeeping for our family of three.

At that moment in time, life was grand for Chuck and I. Chuck had been hired in the accounting department of an oil company in Enid, OK. Even though we had settled into an apartment in Oklahoma City, we would now leave to begin a new adventure. We would soon have a baby and career in a new city.

Within days of Chuck’s job offer, I went into labor. I awakened at 3:00 a.m. March 15. 1972, experiencing pain. After telephoning my obstetrician, he informed me, I would soon be a mom. Chuck and I arrived at the hospital within the hour. After validating I was in active labor, they checked me in as a patient in the obstetric ward.

After I stepped upon the scale, both the nurse and I were in astonishment that I weighed one pound less than the day my pregnancy was confirmed. My lengthy illness during the pregnancy had been an unexpected weight loss program. However with my height and slight build, I had not desired to lose weight. Now my prayer was for a healthy baby and delivery.

As the day and night wore on, my delivery was not going as expected. My obstetrician made numerous visits to check my progress. I was in labor, but the little addition was choosing to delay entry into the world.  The next day when I was taken into the delivery room, Dr. Perry cited the rationale for the hindered arrival. “Little one” was posterior (face up); not the customary “face down” position. With each contraction “little one” retrieved back into the birth canal. This caused a longer and more painful delivery. After over 27 hours of labor, “she” arrived.

Please continue the journey as Chuck and I became a family of three.I began this blog in April 2016.

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