Thank you for following my blog. I’ve now returned from a music retreat in an effort to improve my music skills, but more on that story in later blogs.

Please join me now as I return to Jalene’s journey in the 1960’s. It seemed the abuse from Glenn and Jayne would never end. The fact was that it didn’t end until Jalene left home. However, the abuse resumed, but then at the hands of her husband instead of her parents. After the assault from Uncle Don, Jalene was hopeful her life would resume some normalcy. Although, “normal” for Jalene was constant abuse.

Jalene’s date for the evening of the “pink dress” was not an on-going relationship. Bob needed a date to the banquet and Jalene was eager to have an evening away from home.

Several weeks later, Jalene met her “new love”. Matt was an upbeat, joyful classmate. Many of their dates included having a burger or hot dog at Matt’s parent’s diner, then heading off to a movie or just sitting in Matt’s car and listening to the great songs and sounds of the 60’s.

Even though Jalene had provided the mandated introduction of Matt to her parents, Glenn continued to command a strict adherence of the 10:30 p.m. curfew for Jalene to return home. During a warm, spring evening, Jalene and Matt had returned to her home prior to the curfew.

Sitting in Matt’s car in front of Jalene’s house with the car windows rolled down, listening to the Beatles on the car radio, the car door was abruptly flung open. Before Jalene realized what was happening, Glenn was dragging Jalene by the arm, across Matt, out of the car and harshly shoved onto the lawn.

She was sobbing and pleading for an understanding of what was happening. Glenn touted,” the street in front of our house is not our property. It belongs to the city.” Matt attempted to follow Jalene to the door to console her, but Glenn slammed the door in Matt’s face.”

Jalene knew what was awaiting her. She fearfully appealed to Glenn and Jayne for an explanation of such actions, citing she had adhered to Glenn’s curfew. Jalene also cited that they were merely listening to the radio. As was routine while Jayne was  condemning Jalene, she also screamed at Glenn to “beat Jalene” for her disobedience. He quickly and happily obliged Jayne’s request.

As with previous beatings, Jalene knew she had not disobeyed. She heeded her parents’ mandate to be at home before the required curfew. However, she was beaten in spite of her compliance. Jalene also understood that the severe beatings were as a result of the deep hatred her parents had for her. Their hatred was the mystery to Jalene. It would remain with her for the remainder of her life.

The next time Jalene saw Matt in the school hall, she greeted him with a “hi”, but he turned and went the other way. She was perplexed. Matt was Jalene’s first ” love.” Why was he rejecting her? As they departed from high school, Jalene was sorrowful that she had lost the friendship of someone she enjoyed being with.

Move ahead, 48 years. Jalene was now single after a 44 year marriage and a member of So too was Matt. Oh my goodness! When Jalene saw Matt’s profile she was eager to say hi to him. He didn’t realize she had been “madly in love with him”, as much as any 17 year old can be madly in love. The greeting was short but Matt replied. They e-mailed for several weeks and agreed to once again meet one another.

As she sat in the restaurant awaiting Matt’s arrival, when he walked in, her heart skipped a beat, as it had in the 1960’s. Matt remained the tall, slender man of his youth. His thick, dark hair of the 1960’s, was now gray and somewhat thinner, but he had the same boyish smile of all those years prior.

There would be no resumed “lost love”. Matt had been happy to see Jalene again, but not to renew a friendship. Nonetheless, Jalene asked the query from all those years prior. Was he fearful of Glenn? Matt replied, “no, but I felt if I were a determent to you, I no longer wanted to see you.”

Jalene let Matt know it was not him. It was just another mode for Glenn and Jayne to abuse and control her. Even though Matt chose not to see Jalene again, she was content in seeing him and having a response to her unanswered question from those days which now seemed so long ago.

Please join me as Jalene continues on her journey of abuse at the hands of Glenn and Jayne.

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